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August 2, 2008
New Blog!!!!

So I haven't been very good at posting, and neither has my husband, but he thought maybe if we team up on a joint blog, we might do better. So head on over to http://samdahl.blogspot.com/ to check out our new blog, where I have just posted a way too detailed account of our first few days in Mongolia. It will probably take a while for me to get through all of my photos, but Sam has posted all of his to Flickr so you can get a sneak preview. Link's over on the other blog. So if you're reading this by RSS or just check periodlically, update your feed/link. And if you're getting this by email from me and want to continue getting it that way, let me know and I'll add you to an email list. But I'm not going to add you unless you want me too, so just shoot me an email or leave a comment and I'll add you. Or you can sign up with Blog Alert on the link on the new blog to get an email notification when we update. See you over on the new blog!

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July 6, 2008
MIMS 2008
MIMS 2008 007.JPG MIMS 2008 011.JPG MIMS 2008 020.JPG MIMS 2008 022.JPG MIMS 2008 023.JPG

Haven't been writing much - busy with work and life as it always happens. And swimming. Lots of time at Brighton Beach training for open water swimming, including the Manhattan Island Swim, which I completed yesterday as part of a four person relay for the third time. This year was the best one yet - sure, we didn't have much sun, but at least there wasn't any sunburns, or more importantly, lightening to stop the race. Our team did very well - we didn't win the 4-person relays like we did two years ago, but we came in second, behind a team from Mexico that has the record for a relay English Channel crossing, so we think that's pretty good. The rain also kept the water very flat, which was amazing especially in the Hudson. The currents weren't as strong in past years, but it was also easier in areas like Hell's Gate when we were battling the currents. Overall, a great time. Looking forward to it next year.

And we're off to Mongolia on a family vacation tonight, so we'll be back in three weeks with lots of stories and photos.

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April 14, 2008
What Else Is Going To Happen Today?

Halfway through swim practice this morning, in the middle of a set, my cap broke. Luckily I had an extra cap in my locker so I went upstairs, retrieved it, and headed back to the pool. About 100 yards after I got back in, the strap for my goggles broke. The lifeguard checked the lost and found and came up with a pair that looked semi-functional, but after a lap with them, I realized that being able to open the left eye might be nice, especially since it seemed to be cutting into flesh below my left eye mighty tightly. I checked my locker to no avail, but remembered that Sam had an extra pair in his bag. Sam got them for me and I proceeded to replace the strap of my goggles with the strap from his spare, since the sockets were a bit moldy. And then when I put them over my head, the nose piece broke. At that point, I figured it was best to just leave well enough alone and kick for the rest of practice. Some higher authority really didn't want me to swim today...

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April 13, 2008
Mass MoCA
Mass MoCA 1.JPG Mass MoCA 2.JPG Mass MoCA 3.JPG Mass MoCA 4.JPG

Last weekend we went up to Massachusetts to relax up at my parents' weekend house. The weather wasn't too nice on Saturday so we headed up to Mass MoCA. We've never been up there, and I'm glad we finally made it. It was a great space and there were some really interesting exhibits there. We were lucky to catch the Spencer Finch exhibit, which from what I read about it afterwards was supposed to have closed the week earlier. Some of the stuff was a bit contrived, but it definitely made me think about things in a different way. My favorite may have been the series "Odor of the Gowanus Canal". They really did evoke the odor of the canal!

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March 30, 2008

For those five of you out there who still read the site, you've probably heard about our troubles with our deck. A few weeks ago, the engineering company finally installed the base material we needed to have before we could install the deck, so we decided to get some quotes for how much it would cost to reinstall our deck. When our neighbors put their deck back in themselves, we decided to give it a go at building it ourselves. The previous owner had done something really wacky with the deck so we had to completely rebuild the frame of the deck, but with a little help from my brother, we had the whole frame done in an afternoon and almost all the old wood for the top of the deck can be reused, so once we get rid of the old junk wood from the old frame, our deck saga is over!

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